Please send nudes! My naked Skyline R34...

There's something about being naked and free. It's just so liberating! You really see what you're made of and what's underneath all the clothing.  


Ok I was talking about my car! Everyone relax LOL.

We now have our baseline to start the Nissan Skyline R34 build. We completely stripped the chassis and got it acid dipped to bare metal. It's crazy to see absolutely ZERO dents, scratches, or rust. This is how it looked at one point in the assembly line in the Nissan factory in Japan. 



From here we will start with placin the fuel cell behind the passenger and create the fire wall or box around it to protect both driver and passenger. Then we will build the roll cage out of chromoly to make it as light as possible! It will be a formula drift legal rollcage so we can compete in any sanctioned series we want and this is one of the style roll cages which is a main concern with this build. After this I plan on doing a removable transmission tunnel to give us access to the back of the motor and topside of the transmission.  


After this is all finished we will move to the front and rear of the vehicle. I'm planning on tuning the front and rear ends and placing most of the equipment in the center/rear of the vehicle. I will be implementing a large crush zone in the rear and making sure the rear end is soft for dragging walls and not disrupting the drift. The front end will be boxed in strengthened to protect the motor and will have a smaller crash zone that's removable and easily replaceable in the event of a collision. 


I can't wait to start making some serious visual progress on this project and share it with all of

you! On the outside of this I am currently securing all the parts and sponsorships to complete this project. Look forward to more news and updates soon!