"Style Over Everything"

Read the title and let that sink in for a second.  Style over everything.  Drifting and custom cars should always maintain style and I'm a strong believer in this.  Even when they're daily drivers or functional competition race cars you can't forget about keeping it stylish.  I love collaborating with other brands who maintain a stylish image and are also big supporters of making it a priority!


This is why I am super excited to launch these brand new t shirts with Street Akuma.  They're a streetwear brand from So Cal with JDM and stance influences.  They know how to keep it stylish and they could not have been a better match for this project.


The Style Over Everything t shirts drop TODAY 9.29.2017 at 6 PM PST on www.haugenracing.com.  We will be selling the red t shirts and Street Akuma will be selling the black t shirts on streetakuma.bigcartel.com.  They're selling for $25 and even include the limited edition sticker for free!


These are a limited run of 50 for each color so grab them before we sell out! Thank you for keeping it stylish guys!